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Covid 19 Update – Rotheram Carrington Group

Dear Clients & Candidates,

Like many other organisations, we are doing our best to help and play a part in any way we can during this period of uncertainty.

We understand that whilst every industry will have its own set of challenges, we are all in this together, and the only way is to approach this as collectively as possible.

The well-being of our team, candidates and clients is naturally our main priority. We are listening to local and nationwide government information, and closely following their advice.

As a business we are able to work from home, and are still available should anyone like to have a conversation and update with regards to the current job market.

While we are all affected by this and share many of the same concerns, we are also witnessing a strong sense of coming together and supporting of one another as we deal with the situation day by day.

Please remain positive and stay safe.

Kind regards

Sarah Rotheram

Managing Director